Wouter le Duc Rinse Elsenga

04/2019: Portrait of designer Rinse Elsenga

03/2019: New press portraits for Lucky Fonz III

03/2019: Portrait of artist Lisette Ros 

Wouter le Duc

02/2019: Portrait of tattoo artist and illustrator Milou Maass

02/2019: Portrait of Paul for the VPRO Gids

For the VPRO documentary series ‘Stuk’ Paul was followed during his physical rehabilitation process. 

Wouter le Duc VPRO Gids

01/2019: Portrait of Monique for the VPRO Gids

For the VPRO documentary series ‘Stuk’ Monique was followed during her work as a nurse specialised in wound treatment. 

Click here for more information about ‘Stuk’

Wouter le Duc cover VPRO Gids

01/2019: Portrait of Daan for the cover of the VPRO Gids

For the VPRO documentary series ‘Stuk’ Daan was followed during his physical rehabilitation process. The first episode will air on NPO 2 on January 23 at 20:35. 

Thanks to art director Beate Wegloop and picture editor Carla van Thijn.

01/2019: Portrait of Willemijn Faber for the VPRO Gids

For the VPRO documentary series ‘Stuk’ Willemijn was followed during her work as a rehabilitation specialist. The first episode will air on NPO 2 on January 23 at 20:35. 

Wouter le Duc Susanne Hirschmann

12/2018: Portrait of singer & performer Susanne Hirschmann

Wouter le Duc Tina de Groot

11/2018: Portrait of artist Tina de Groot

War child Catawiki Safe Spaces Eye for All

2018/11: Catawiki x War child

From November 9th until November 16th a portrait session with me will be auctioned off on Catawiki. This auction is part of the project Eye for All. All benefits will go to War Child to support their Safe Spaces project. 

Click here for more information(in Dutch)

Wouter le Duc Ronald van der Kemp

11/2018: Portrait of Ronald van der Kemp

For the first edition of Dim Dam Dom Magazine I had the pleasure of photographing Ronald van der Kemp and his Amsterdam based studio. 

You can order the magazine here

10/2018: Rabobank Dutch Photographic Portrait Prize 2018

I am very excited to announce I am one of the five nominees for the Rabobank Dutch Photographic Portrait Prize with my portrait of Marieke Polderdijk. The winner will be announced on November 15th 2018. 

Website Dutch National Portrait Gallery

10/2018: Portrait of Marijn Baar

Wouter le Duc Eva Goudsmit

05/2018: Portrait of theatre director Eva Goudsmit

Wouter le Duc Max Hermens

04/2018: Portrait of my friend and writer Max Hermens

Wouter le Duc Laurence Harms

04/2018: Portrait of Laurence Harms

03/2018: Portrait of singer-songwriter Laura Arkana

03/2018: Portrait of artist Monique van der Mije

03/2018: Portrait of artist Philine van den Hul

02/2018: Portrait of my friend and artist Hortense Lauras

02/2018: NRC Handelsblad

Portrait of Joshua van Eijndhoven for NRC Handelsblad. Joshua traveled the world in his sailboat for the past 6 years. Click here to read the article.

02/2018: Portrait of my friend and artist Fenna de Vries

01/2018: Het Parool

Portrait of writer Anne Fleur van der Heiden for Het Parool

01/2018: Copenhagen Photo Festival takeover

From January 13th - January 16th I am taking over the Copenhagen Festival Instagram account. Follow @copenhagenfestival or click here to see the desktop page. 

12/2017: Exhibition Salon d’Hiver - ZERP Gallery

My portrait of Marieke will be on show at this year’s salon in the ZERP Gallery. The exhibition will run from December 17th until January 14th and includes all the artists of the gallery.

Please feel free to join the opening this Sunday (I will not be there since I will be in Italy to work on a new project).

Click here for more information about the exhibition and the opening.

12/2017: Interview with Skandl

Nicholas Burman from Skandl interviewed me about my photography and inspiration. 

Click here to read the interview.

11/2017: Portrait of the wonderful director Carlijn Fransen

11/2017: Exhibition OBA - De Hallen

My project ‘Landslide in my mind’ is on show at the public library of Amsterdam in De Hallen. The exhibition will be on show until January 15th. 

Click here for more information about the exhibition. 

11/2017: Portrait of goldsmith Britt Bibh Rosdorff

10/2017: Portrait of photographer Antoine de Lassacquère

10/2017: Portrait of composer and musician Raphael Vanoli

09/2017: Portrait of my friend and writer Marieke Polderdijk

09/2017: Britta van Beers for De Correspondent

For De Correspondent I photographed professor Britta van Beers. She is the head of the VU Law Faculty in Amsterdam and is one of the leading voices in the discussion about the scientific use of embryos. On the website of De Correspondent you’ll find the conversation between her and journalist Tamar Stelling.

09/2017: Portrait of Niek

08/2017: De Volkskrant - Ella van Poucke

My portrait (lower left) of talented cellist Ella van Poucke is featured in today’s Volkskrant. The nominees of the Grachtenfestivalprijs are presented in this article. 

07/2017: Feature On Art and Aesthetics

On Art and Aesthetics featured my project ‘The God Machine’ accompanied by an interesting text about the project written by founder Tulika Bahadur.

Click here to see the article

07/2017: Featured in Der Greif #10 

My work ‘Landslide in my mind’ is featured in the anniversary-issue of Der Greif. To order your copy of the magazine please visit their website. 

Website Der Greif

07/2017: Made in Europe - VPRO Gids

The VPRO Gids decided to make a special publication for the Made in Europe interview series. I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing very interesting and inspiring people such as Jan Cremer, Ruben L. Oppenheimer and Johan Simons. Very happy with this beautiful publication!

06/2017: Shortlist Royal Photographic Society

My portrait of Veerle has been shortlisted for the Royal Photographic Society International Photography Exhibition. If selected, the work will be on show in a group exhibition throughout the UK, opening at PHOTOBLOCK, London.

06/2017: Exhibition ZERP Gallery

From June 11th until July 9th the group exhibition ‘Out of focus’ will be on show at the ZERP Gallery, Rotterdam. My project ‘Landslide in my mind’ will also be part of this exhibition. 

Website ZERP Gallery

06/2017: Marnix Kluiters for Hogeschool Rotterdam

For the Hogeschool Rotterdam I photographed student Marnix Kluiters. Three years ago, he became functionally blind because of the eye disease 'Leber'. He managed to adapt to this situation by using multiple technologies. He watches every match of his favourite football club Feyenoord in the stadium while listening to the radio broadcast, this way he can follow the game. He goes skiing with a coach behind him, communicating to him what to do. He also succeeded in climbing the Breithorn in the Alps this way.

05/2017: Benjo Maso for De Arbeiderpers

I’ve photographed writer and sociologist Benjo Maso for publisher De Arbeiderspers for his book ‘The Sweat of the Gods’ about the sociology of professional cycle racing.

05/2017: Imago Mundi by the Benetton Foundation

I've worked on a special piece for the Imago Mundi Collection by the Benetton Foundation. From now on, this collection is permanently on show at the Benetton Foundation in Treviso, Italy.

Website Imago Mundi

05/2017: Exhibition De Balie

From May 2nd until June 1st my work ‘Landslide in my mind' is on show at De Balie in Amsterdam. 

Website De Balie

04/2017: Campaign Nationaal Jeugd Orkest

For the campaign of the Nationaal Jeugd Orkest I photographed the talented Dutch cellist Ella van Poucke.

04/2017: Exhibition Zerp Gallery

This June I will take part in a group exhibition in the Zerp Gallery where I will show my project ‘Landslide in my mind’

 Opening on June 11, Zerp Gallery, Rotterdam 

04/2017: Portrait of artist Eleonora Remmen

04/2017: Portrait of designer Hilde Speet

04/2017: Johan Simons for VPRO Gids

For the eighth and last part of the Dutch culture icon series for the VPRO Gids I photographed theatre director Johan Simons. I met the critically acclaimed director in his home close to the river, where he spends his weekends with his family. During the week he works in Germany as artistic director of the Ruhrtriennale.


Read the full article here.

03/2017: Eric de Vroedt for VPRO Gids

For the 7th part of the VPRO Gids series I photographed the new artistic director of the National Theatre Eric de Vroedt. 

03/2017: Interview with Ralf S. Leerskov from Journal

Coming from a mutual appreciation for each others work, Ralf S. Leerskov and I did a two-way interview about working methods, inspiration and future plans.

Read the interview here.

03/2017: Willeke Alberti for VPRO Gids

For the 6th part of the Made in Europe series for the VPRO Gids I photographed singer Willeke Alberti.

03/2017: Pieter Kuijpers for VPRO Gids

I met Pieter Kuijpers in his Amsterdam home to photograph him for the Made in Europe serie for the VPRO Gids. Kuijpers was a director for over two decades and is now focused on producing movies and TV series.

03/2017: Portrait of Neske Beks for VPRO Gids 

One day before writer and documentary maker Neske Beks migrated to Ibiza, we met at her home in a former monastery. I photographed her for this week's VPRO Gids for a series featuring Dutch culture icons.

02/2017: Portrait of Niña Weijers for VPRO Gids 

For the third part of of the Made in Europe series by the VPRO Gids I photographed writer Niña Weijers in her Amsterdam home.

02/2017: Portrait of  Ruben L. Oppenheimer for VPRO Gids 

For the second part of of the Made in Europe series by the VPRO Gids I photographed cartoonist Ruben L. Oppenheimer in his hometown Maastricht.

02/2017:Rotterdam Photo exhibition

You can visit Rotterdam Photo where I am exhibiting my project ‘Landslide in my mind’ until Sunday. I hope to see you there to have a chat or a drink.

02/2017: Special mention VPRO Gids

Thanks to the VPRO Gids for giving me a special introduction on their website and the index page on the magazine.

02/2017: VPRO Gids Cover

For the VPRO Gids cover I photographed Belgium writer and documentary filmmaker Dimitri Verhulst.

02/2017: Portrait of  Jan Cremer for VPRO Gids 

The next 8 weeks I'll be photographing Dutch culture icons for the VPRO Gids. This is the first; artist and writer Jan Cremer. 

02/2017: Portraits for De Kracht van Rotterdam

During Rotterdam Photo (February 9 -12) you have the chance to have your portrait taken by me. This event is hosted by De Kracht van Rotterdam. You can book your slot on their website.

Click here for the website.

01/2017: Forbes 30 under 30 candidate

I am happy to announce I am a candidate for the Forbes 30 under 30 Europe list in the arts category. 

Click here for the nomination.

01/2017: Exhibition Rotterdam Photo 2017

I am happy to announce that I will present new work from the series 'Landslide in my mind' at Rotterdam Photo 2017.

The exhibition will run during the Rotterdam Art Week from February 9 - 12 at Deliplein, Rotterdam

Website Rotterdam Photo

12/2016: Commissioned work for VPRO Gids

For this week’s VPRO Gids I have photographed Dutch internet pioneer and receiver of the first transatlantic email Piet Beertema.

12/2016: Portrait of Veerle in her Utrecht home

11/2016: New work 'Landslide in my mind'

I've finished the project titled 'Landslide in my mind'. On the project page you'll find more photographs and information about this body of work.

Click here for the project page

11/2016: A portrait of designer Marije Hellwich

10/2016: Featured on Dezeen

The Photographs I shot for the FysioPal project by Pauline van Dongen are now featured on Dezeen.

Take a look here.

10/2016: Portrait Ilse Starkenburg for De Arbeiderspers

For publisher 'De Arbeiderspers' I have created the author portrait of Ilse Starkenburg for her upcoming collection of poems 'De boom valt op mij'.

10/2016: FysioPal for Pauline van Dongen Studio

For the Pauline van Dongen Studio I had the pleasure to photograph the campaign images for the FysioPal project.

FysioPal is a smart top that corrects the posture of the body. It aims to help avoid health issues and rehabilitate the body caused by incorrect postures and upper-body positions.

Read more about it here:

08/2016: Imago Mundi Collection by Benetton

I've worked on a special piece for the Imago Mundi Collection by Benetton. This collection will be on show later this year and will travel to several venues. The exhibition will also be accompanied by a publication of the collection.

06/2016: Portrait Bart Koppe

Portrait of new media artist Bart Koppe. I photographed him in his cabin on an island just outside of Rotterdam. He comes here in the weekends to retreat from the city life and enjoy nature, stars and bonfires.   

06/2016: Portrait of artist Fenna de Vries

Artist Fenna de Vries and I shared a house for about a year in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. I took this portrait of her the first time we saw each other after I moved out. The photograph is taken in the hotel where she's a waiter to support her artistic practice. For me, the photo not only represents the split-second I took it, but also as a memory of the time we lived together.

04/2016: 5 Great Dutch Photographers

Dodho Magazine featured me in their
article about 5 Great Dutch Photographers.  

Click here to see the article.

01/2016: Winner Local Favorite 2015 Award + interview

 I am very thankful for receiving a Research & Development Grant from the Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam. With this grant I get the opportunity to continue working on my project Landslide in my mind.

01/2016: Winner Local Favorite 2015 Award + interview

I am glad to announce I am the winner of the Local Favorite 2015 Award by The Culture Trip. In the accompanying interview you can read more about my  inspiration, current project and my plans for the future.

Read the interview here.

01/2016: Commissioned portrait of Frank Boeijen

For the January edition of the Boekenkrant I photographed singer-songwriter Frank Boeijen.

01/2016: Commissioned portrait of Elwin Goedgedrag

Hogeschool Rotterdam commissioned me to portrait volunteer at The Depression Support Group Elwin Goedgedrag.